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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Declaration of how we met sample

Instructions and Help about Declaration of how we met sample

Hello this is step 1.2 of the fiancee visa k1 process in step 1.2 we're going to be talking about the declaration of how you met this is simply a document that explains how you and your foreign fiancee met the Declaration of how you met is actually one of the requirements with I 1 to 9 F part 2 here you're supposed to describe the circumstances under which you met now you don't really have a lot of space in the actual I 1 to 9 F petition so what you want to do is pran attachment where you explain the circumstances under which you met now we've explained in a previous step that what you do is you pra couple of sentences here and refer them to an attachment and in the attachment of course you would explain the who what when where and why of how you met now we don't recommend that you put the actual site if it's a dating site we don't recommend that you put the site's name on this line or anywhere in the document because sometimes they confuse that with what's called an international marriage broker if they think that you're dating site that you met on is an international marriage broker essentially they'll ask for more documentation we've met several people that this has happened to so the best safest way is just to not put the actual name of the dating site if they think that it's the International marriage broker then they they're asking that the in bruh the international matters broker obtained give you more information give you more documentation so in order to avoid that just go ahead and remove any names for the dating site that you met on and then explain in great detail how you actually met when you met and anything else that you can prthem in the declaration now I actually created the i-129 I actually created the Declaration of how you met on Google Drive but you can use whatever word processor that you choose I just thought it was for me it was bet it was easier to work with this medium I'm used to use it and use whatever you're used to but the format that I used was extremely formal it starts off with my name and address and then it goes into who I'm sending this document to which is USCIS and they are address attention I went to 9f the subject actually says declaration of how we met and specifies part two of that document item 34 a now in the content of this the circumstances explains the who what when where and why of our meaning and it says do human may concern this declaration expands on the form i-129f part 2 item 34 a the purpose of this is to describe the circumstances under which URI sincere oh and I Bruce brown met we met in 2022 on an.

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