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Would it help to bring my fianc茅 to my K1 US visa interview?
Hello! I agree with previous answers, but you may want to consult with a former ConOfficer who has conducted tens of thousands of these interviews. I posted the link below.The fianc茅 visa is has an unusual visa application process as it is technically a temporary non-immigrant visa, lasting only 90 days. During this time the fianc茅 and U.S. citizen sponsor are to be married.Given the current political environment, it is critical that you prepare yourself and your future spouse for the interview.My (non-legal) advice for an interview is below.Ideas on what to bring and how to bring it:路 Organize your documentation and label it so that it is easy on the ConOfficer鈥檚 eyes. Remember, he/she handles countless interviews a day. Make this one easy on the conoffice. If you want to would recommend what many law offices do: Create a table of contents, separate each section with a different color of paper which has the section labeled. This makes it easy to thumb through, bind the papers neatly together with a clip or fastener.路 Proof of your fianc茅(e)鈥檚 income.路 Copies of marriage and divorce certificates for all previous marriages involving yourself and your spouse.路 Copies of all of your forms and related documentation (specifically: I-129F Receipt, Form I-134 Affidavit of Support, DS-160 Confirmation Page, other submission receipts, appointment notice, your non-expired medical, certified police record)路 Documentation proving the nature of your relationship. This can include but is not limited to: photos with fianc茅(e) on various trips, engagement celebration, proof of engagement ring purchase, announcement to friends/family, affidavits from friends/family/employer, previous travel itineraries, phone records demonstrating regular communication, letters to and from fianc茅(e) (regular and special such as birthdays or anniversaries).路 Check the embassy website for your country to see if additional documentation is required for your location.Finally, prepare for the interview itself. Although exact numbers are hard to come by, I have read that anywhere from a quarter to one-third of visa applications are denied at the interview stage. This varies widely depending on the consulate, conofficer and country from which you are applying. Unfortunately, many people are denied visas due to unpreparedness or nervousness at the time of the interview. It is understandable: a lot is riding on one quick interview. I have found a service that seeks to increase your chances of a successful interview by connecting applicants with experienced former foreign service officers for one-one-one practice interviews. Check out the website here: www.visapreponline.com and let me know what you think. I wish I had known about this service several years ago!Best of luck and keep us updated!
How do I schedule a US visa interview of two people together after filling out a DS160 form?
Here is a link that might help answer your question DS-160: Frequently Asked QuestionsFor more information on this and similar matters, please call me direct: 650.424.1902Email: heller@hellerimmigration.comHeller Immigration Law Group | Silicon Valley Immigration Attorneys
How can someone get a translator for a USA tourist visa interview? Is there any form to fill out or do they give a translator during interview time?
The officer who interviews the visa applicant will usually speak and understand the most common local language. If not, another officer or a local conemployee will probably be able to translate. If the language is obscure enough, the conofficer might still find, somewhere in the embassy/consulate, an employee who has it.I remember an instance when the only employee who spoke both the primary local language and the very rare language of the visa applicant was one of the oldest, shyest, most reticent, lowest-level gardeners. He was so proud of the officers鈥 need of and appreciation for that rare skill that one time, that he began to dress better, stand straighter, feel and act more confident, and volunteer for and learn from special, complicated jobs. He eventually earned a permanent promotion to head gardener and did an excellent job at it.
How do I get the eligibility certificate for a K1 visa interview? Is it required?
The eligibility certificate for a K-1 Fianc茅 visa interview is a Form I-797, Notice of Action issued by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). This is also known to many people as Notice of Action 2 (NOA2). This is the result of approval after the US citizen petitioner submits an I-129F, Petition for Alien Fianc茅 to USCIS. Yes, it is required to petition the foreign fianc茅 using the I-129F and receive the NOA2 before the interview is allowed.After NOA2, USCIS forwards the approved petition to the National Visa Center (NVC) at the Department of State. Then, NVC forwards it to the appropriate US Embassy in preparation for the interview.I write free information and articles on family based US visas and adjusting to new life in the USA on my website and blog. See my website and blog in my biopage.
My fianc茅 was approved to apply for a K1 fianc茅 visa. We are waiting on the NVC to contact us for the interview. How long is it taken from approval to apply to the interview?
It normally takes 2 - 8 weeks for USCIS to send the approved I-129F petition to the National Visa Center (NVC) and for NVC to log it in and create a case number.After NVC creates a case number, it will contact you by email to go ahead with completing the DS-160 (On-line Application for Non-Immigrant Visa) and pay the visa application fee. Then, NVC send the package to the US embassy that your fianc茅 will be interviewed at. This can take 2-3 weeks.Many people will call NVC regularly starting 2 weeks after USCIS approval in order to get the case number as that can save some time to get started with the DS-160. https://travel.state.gov/content...For most embassies, the applicant makes their own appointment. For some embassies, NVC or the embassy makes the appointment. Check the embassy website or US Visa Docs website to find out for your particular embassy.Some embassies require that the case be at the embassy before you can make your own appointment. You can tell when your status on the ConElectronic Application Center (CEAC) changes to "Ready".Therefore, between USCIS approval, USCIS sending the case to NVC and NVC sending the case to the embassy to make an appointment, it can take anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks. Yes, that's a wide range, but a fact of the situation. The average is about 9 weeks from USCIS approval to being able to make or receive the embassy interview appointment.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I write free information and articles on the US fianc茅 and spouse visa processes on my website and blog. See my website and blog in my biopage.
What does it mean if my passport is returned back to me after my K1 visa interview?
Probably, your request has been denied. You should have been given a printed page along with your passport. Read that page to see why it has been denied.
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