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Hi everyone today we're going to talk about the k1 visa requirements that can get you delayed or denied and we wanted to talk about this for a very long time because we're getting a lot of people who are coming to us after they submitted their application but have now realized that they've done something incorrectly or that they've forgotten some supporting documents because they didn't realize there were certain requirements that they hadn't considered before applying for their application so not only are we going to talk about the basic k1 visa requirements but we're going to talk about those requirements that catch people by surprise and that caused them potentially to be delayed or denied with their application as the US citizen the k1 visa allows you to bring your foreign fiance into the u.s. get married start your life together while you wait for your green card to get process and our goal with the visa stream line system is to have you completely informed as to whether you qualify or not so that you know whether to apply or not and the lawyer is going to qualify you as well as determine if there's any red flags so you're completely informed as to what your situation is and based on that if you qualify it you can submit your application if you don't then you're not going to waste your time or your money so the first set of basic requirements are that you are US citizen and by the way permanent residents are not eligible to apply for the k1 visa you must be a US citizen the second basic requirement is that your fiance resides outside the US and then of course both of you are of legal age to get married and also another basic requirement is that your foreign fiance has a genuine interest to marry you and finally that you both agree to get married within 90 days of your fiance arriving into the u.s. the next requirement is whether you're single now many people don't think about this one but it catches them by surprise so if you've been married before you want to make sure that you have your divorce paperwork that you and your fiance have your divorce paperwork in order the next requirement is that you've met in the last two years now most people understand this requirement but what you want to make sure is that you document it so you want to be able to show proof of it so keep copies of your emails before you go after you come back the restaurants you visited while you were visiting your foreign fiancee the places you visited and also of course pictures keep a lot of pictures and the receipts now not only keep those but back them up we you know hear of a lot of sad stories and one of them you know a lady contacted us she went to visit.

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