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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fiance visa letter of intent

Instructions and Help about Fiance visa letter of intent

Hi everyone if you are new to my youtube channel please do check my playlist I have lots of videos on my playlists and if my youtube channel and video helped you as an appreciation please consider donating to our ongoing expenses any amount will help us a lot please click the link thank you so much and have a great day hi everyone it's me rustling and on this video we will talk about letter of intent to marry 12 you will send your letter of intent to marry what is the importance of letter of intent to marry okay so please remember that to be eligible to file I 129 F petition for your fiancee k1 visa you to the beneficiary and the petitioner must promise to marriage other in 90 days of arrival in the United States it is one of the visa eligibility requirements the k1 visa is considered a non-immigrant visa for a temporary visa yet this is why the k1 letter of intent is required by the United State of Citizen Immigration Service tell USCIS they want a signed statement promising that you aren't just testing the relationship but are truly intending to get married when your fiance enters the United States so both the petitioners or the u.s. fiance and then the beneficiary or the foreign fiance must sign the letter of intent in black ink okay so the letter doesn't have to be long or detailed it should just be one or two sentences confirming your intent to marry the king one letter of intent also confirms that you are both free to marry what does it mean so meaning that you are legally single and at the moment and aren't married to anyone else okay so the k1 letter of intent to marry should be submitted with the original I 129 F petition it should be mailed to the dalla slapbox facility with the rest of the documents you will be submitting with the petition without the k1 letter Vinton your petition will be lightly rejected and returned to you so here's a example of I 129 F letter of intent to marry this is an example of format of how your letter should look and what it contains okay so here we go okay so this is the example of the letter of intent for the petitioner so here the petitioners name the petitioner street address the petitioner city region country zip code make sure the address is complete and then the petitioners active email address and then the date and you will send to United States Department of Homeland Security US Citizenship and Immigration Service if you will send your application for FedEx or UPS and DHL deliveries you must use this address USCIS attention I want 29 f250 one South State Highway one to one Business Suite 400 let us build TX 75061 but if you will send it through USPS or US Postal Service your address.

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