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  2. Use your indications to submit established track record areas.
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  4. Make sure that you enter correct details and numbers throughout suitable areas.
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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing I-129f checklist 2020-2022

Instructions and Help about I-129f checklist 2020-2022

Hi guys it's me I was leaving my baby so on this video we will talk about final check-in for your i-129f before you submitted to USCIS this is very important for you to check your package before you send it to avoid RF is not hundred percent because we don't know what USCIS want documents that they need for us to sell it today okay so first thing that you need to do is you need to check the entire package you need to check the entire package okay all the documents all the documents off attached on the i-129f petition okay then second they do not give anything bland on the fourth you need to answer everything on the form if it is applicable to you but if not put an A or or non for the numerical values of zeros okay so after you check all the forms you need to check or you did you answer each questions on I 129 F make sure all the information and all the questions on I 129 F you will answer that correctly and you have supporting documents for that okay don't guess on what you will write on the form it should be true everything that you will write on the form should be true and should have a supporting documents for that okay and the next this is very important did you sign and date the I want when 9f so make sure once you fill out the form make sure you sign and date the i-129f don't forget that because it is very important if you will not sign in date i 129 if that is the most common reason for pb for denial okay and the next is there someone other than you prepared for i 129 f petition package if yes make sure the preparer sign and date the form okay that is very important okay and for example a lawyer consultant they are the one who answered the form make sure they have signature and date of the form okay and then next did you use interpreter make sure that the interpreter signature patient signature is complete okay double check triple check all your supporting documents again and then make sure if all your documents is not in English make sure that you have a translation for a non English documents plus the original documents in the foreign language and the translators avid avid okay you need that and then lastly if you have someone a trusted family of course all your information SSN number is on the form so you need the trusted person to double-check the form for you because most of the time if we check it like two times three times there are still questions or informations that we overlooked so if there's someone who can help you to double check the form then do it okay so I hope this video helped you to final check.

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